Success Stories

Yenia Borroto

Yenia Borroto’s ASA story is also a story of family. Ms. Borroto explained that an education can bring a family together, not only because it creates a foundation for financial stability, but also because everyone sacrifices, and everyone grows when a new career and a new life is at stake. In her case, her education and career path were determined by her love of numbers and the birth of her daughter.

She chose to apply her mathematical mind to earn her degree in Business Administration because “it offers many opportunities for career advancement, and with this comes professional respect, and the opportunity to challenge myself.” In particular, she said that she looks forward to exploring future roles in both Accounting and Finance departments. She aims to gain experience and eventually start her own business.

Yet she views this bright future through the lens of family. She says: “Having a degree is a way to demonstrate your capabilities and be a living example for all your friends and family. My daughter has been my number one motivation since she was born. I can say that all I am doing right now, it’s because of her, so she can see in her Mom as demonstrating responsibility, integrity, and dedication. I want her to see me as a living example to follow.”

In a sense Ms. Borroto sees herself as paying it forward. She credits her mother and her husband for helping her through the challenges of pursuing a college degree. Her mother shared childcare responsibilities with her, and her husband helped her with her classes. English classes were especially challenging for her because her first language is Spanish, but everyone helped her – not just her professors, but also “all the departments beginning with Admissions, Financial Aid, Students Accounts, Registrar, and then the departments and all the academics including the professors.”

Given all the support she received it was hard for her when pressed to identify one single educational experience at ASA that stood out for her, but she settled on her Career Development class. They taught her how to dress and prepare for job interviews, and even how to speak professionally. In a sense they helped her let her inner drive shine. Above all, she says, “I believe it takes perseverance and dedication to complete a career.” In the future, her daughter will bear witness to this truth.