Office of Student Advisement

Every new student is assigned a dedicated ASA College advisor who functions as a mentor throughout his/her stay at the college. Advisors work with students to identify and achieve their goals. They also provide direction to students who are experiencing academic difficulties or want to pursue independent avenues of inquiry beyond the content of their current courses.

For many students, the primary obstacle to success is personal or financial. Advisors are equally capable of helping resolve these types of problems and can make referrals to appropriate sources for assistance.

While every ASA faculty and staff member is concerned with the success and well-being of each student, the student’s advisor is often in the best position to understand student needs and concerns.

Students should use their advisor as a personal resource and rely on this mentor’s experiences and expertise to help achieve their own goals and objectives.

The Advisement Office makes every effort to inform students of their curriculum requirements, especially those relating to prerequisite courses. Our extensive student support services are designed only to assist students in fulfilling these requirements.

Though continuity of advisement is important, students may, within reason, elect to change their advisor at any time. If you would like more information on how advisors can help you in your college career at ASA College give us a call, use our online form or stop by today!


530 W 49th St., Room 234
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Connie Gamarra
Phone: 305-400-3804

Office Hours:
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