About Office of Information Technology

OIT provides ASA College campuses with core IT services like cybersecurity, network support, data center services, computer labs, applications services, communications services and support for staff and students in an environment of collaboration with academics and administrative departments to create a robust IT service.

  • First-time logins for E-mail, Campus Computers, Portal, Blackboard and WIFI
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Download MS Office Links
  • Student E-mail and campus computers password reset
  • Technology support in classrooms and computer labs
  • Campus Internet access and wireless network

How to login into ASA email

Download Instructions >

Please contact if you have technical issues with:

  • Online student portal account management
  • Student Portal Password Reset


How to login into Blackboard

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How to login into Library Databases

You should use your ASA email address as a login and
your Office 365 password as the password for the library database.
If you reset or change your Office 365 password,
the new password will work for the ASA library database.

How to create a student portal account

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How to login into an ASA Computer

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How to set ASA email on iPhone

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How to set ASA email on Android phone

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Helpdesk Operation Hours

Mon-Fri 9:00AM – 10:00PM

Helpdesk: 786-648-5996
IT Hialeah Office: 305-777-3172

How to login into ASA Campus Computer and WIFI

ASA Campus computer username is the same as your email but without “”

For ASA Computer Login:

Username: FirstnameLastname
Default Password: ASA_”Student ID number”

Computer Login Example:
If your ASA email: and Student ID: 99999-999

ASA Computer username: JohnDoe
ASA Computer default password: ASA_99999-999 (Change password will be requested)

For ASA WIFI Login:

First, you have to login in an ASA Campus computer to change your default password (ASA_”Student ID number”)

Please, use WIFI Name “ASA-College”
You will get a web page asking for username and password (
WIFI Username: STUD\ASA Computer username
WIFI Password: ASA Computer password (Don’t use the default password “ASA_Student ID number”)

WIFI login Example:
WIFI name: “ASA-College”
WIFI Username: STUD\JohnDoe
WIFI Password: “The new computer password that you created”

If you can’t login, please contact to

Currently, ASA College is not accepting new applications for enrollment!