Plagiarism statements are included in the syllabus of every course at ASA College. A sample statement from the LIB100 Information Literacy syllabus appears below.

PLAGIARISM: Plagiarism is defined as stealing and passing off the ideas, words, or research of another as one’s own in any academic work by not appropriately documenting the original source. It is theft which will not be tolerated in this course. Plagiarized writing will be returned to the student and will not be considered as work done towards the completion of the course.

ASA College is committed to academic integrity. As a result, ASA College has a strong policy against plagiarism. The consequences for plagiarized work are described in the ASA College Student Handbook on page 8 – 9. ASA College subscribes to Turnitin, a plagiarism prevention tool, and many faculty members require their students to use it.

Plagiarism can be avoided by citing your sources. See our APA Style pages under the Library menu. The below tutorials will help you recognize plagiarism and avoid it.

Plagiarism Tutorials

ASA College

Bryan Fox, ASA College professor, created this video talk on plagiarism.

Acadia University

Acadia University’s Information Literacy Online module, You Quote It, You Note It! is the first in a series of tutorials developed by librarians in the Vaughan Memorial Library at Acadia University in Canada. Use the character Emma, the scientist major, to see the APA citation. Click here to view.

Trinity Western University

Bill Badke, Associate Librarian, Trinity Western University, also in Canada, created this nice Power Point presentation that covers the basics of plagiarism. Click here to download your copy.

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