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Student Services

ASA is one of the best colleges in Miami for non-traditional students. Student Services provides all the resources you need while in school. We understand that the academic process and requirements are rigorous in and of themselves. Additionally, students face personal and financial pressures that they bring with them.

We offer activities and campus resources that gird your academic path along the way. We want your college encounter to be memorable and supportive, so we plan many events and activities and encourage you to visit resources such as the Library and Learning Center. These help you have a robust college experience.

Specialized Support at ASA College

We offer services that help meet the myriad needs you may have throughout the process. Every student is paired with a personal advisor/mentor who works with them throughout their college career.

Advisers at ASA College are a great resource that can be levered for academic questions and challenges or for any personal issue that may arise. Their roles are built around helping you to succeed.

We also provide access to other practical types of support. We believe that things like financial issues, health challenges, childcare, and socioeconomic factors should not prohibit you from achieving your academic goals and future success. As such, we can provide access to resources to assist with these situations and more.

The college experience at ASA extends beyond the classroom. Take advantage of the many student services we offer including:

Office Hours

  • 1. Monday – Friday10:00 AM-7:00 PM
  • 2. Saturday11:00 AM – 3:00 PM