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Register to Vote in the Florida Primaries Today!

The Deadline is Tuesday, February 16th!


The time has come for us as the people of this country to pick our country’s next leader, a person who will effectively be the most powerful person in the entire world!

Economic issues, enviromental issues, social issues, and other issues that affect our daily lives are at stake!

If you want to know how to vote in another state please visit

Where can I register to vote in Florida?

You can apply to register to vote in any of the following ways:

  • Request or pick-up a Florida Voter Registration Application from your county Supervisor of Elections. Complete, sign and mail the application to the office of your County Supervisor of Elections.
  • Fill in the online Voter Registration Application (English PDF / Español PDF) on the Division of Elections’ website. Print, sign and mail the application to the office of your County Supervisor of Elections. See the section titled How to Complete and Submit a Voter Registration Application below for further details.
  • Apply through any Florida driver’s license office or tax collector’s office that issues driver’s licenses or Florida identification cards.
  • Apply through any “voter registration agency” (i.e., any government entity designated by the National Voter Registration Act or state law who must allow you to apply to register) at the same time you obtain new or renewing agency services or update your address for the continued receipt of such services. These agencies include:
    • Any office that provides public assistance (e.g. Department of Children and Families’ Food Assistance Program and the Temporary Cash Assistance Program and Department of Health’s WIC Program)
    • Any office that primarily serves persons with disabilities (e.g., Department of Education’s Division of Blind Services and Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, any center for independent living, any office within an educational institute that serves persons with disabilities).
    • Any military recruitment office (Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy, Marines)
    • Any public library
  • Obtain a Florida Voter Registration Application form from any entity authorized by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission to issue permits for fishing, hunting or trapping. Complete, sign and mail the application to your county Supervisor of Elections.

Where’s the closest library to register near ASA College Miami?

Rember: Libraries are closed on President’s Day, but they’ll be open on Tuesday.

Sunny Isles – Miami Dade Public LIbrary
(305) 682-0726
18070 Collins Ave, North Miami Beach, FL 33160
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North Miami Beach Library (Near 163rd Mall)
(305) 948-2970

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Golden Glades Branch Library
(305) 787-1544
100 NE 166th St, Miami, FL 33162
Click Here For Directions from Hotel Roma

North Dade Regional Library
(305) 625-6424

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Visit the “Florida Division of Elections” Website Here

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