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Need for Healthcare Professionals and Assistants is Higher Than Ever

Doubtless, you’ve seen the arresting images of healthcare professionals rushing to the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic battle, suiting up in protective gear to care for patients in need. Across the globe, doctors, nurses, and other medical caregivers are in short supply, especially as hospitals everywhere find that they are drastically underprepared for the vast influx of those requiring attention.

But what about the professionals that fulfill the administrative needs of the hard-hit healthcare industry? As it turns out, the demand for individuals with a business administration degree, particularly those prepared to enter the medical field, has never been higher – and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. It’s a fact that just as healthcare professionals such as doctors and nurses must carry out their invaluable work, so must they be supported by a team that can manage and facilitate all necessary intake, organizational, and administrative processes.

For those who are considering an admin business degree or even a role in healthcare administration or administrative assisting, this means that there is an array of meaningful job opportunities available today. If you’ve been thinking about pursuing an education that would allow you to begin a career in these fields, the time is now. The COVID-19 pandemic’s devasting force has clearly exposed staffing shortages in our medical system. Many experts are stating that it’s challenging to project the future course of the virus’s spread, and so hospitals understand that they must be better prepared for all eventualities. As a result, it’s expected that the demand for additional healthcare professionals, assistants, and support staff will only continue to rise.

COVID-19 Leads to a Significant Need for Both Business and Healthcare Professionals

You already know that nurses and doctors are being rushed to fight against the coronavirus pandemic, but the need for other professionals must be acknowledged. Many people often forget the wide variety of individuals that support the work of medical caregivers – but that doesn’t make these roles any less vital. In fact, without administrative professionals and assistants, efforts to combat COVID-19 would be virtually impossible.

Here are some of the important professions that are needed during a worldwide pandemic:

  • Healthcare managers, administrators, medical records managers, and clinical managers. For individuals with a degree in healthcare management, there are many ways to make a difference during a global health crisis. These roles fulfill a range of needs, from managing staff and leading patient care, to carrying out policies and procedures, and maintaining records and data.
  • Medical billers and coders. A background and education in medical billing and coding is the foundation for individuals working as administrative assistants or billers in a healthcare setting. Although these professionals are typically not involved in direct patient care, they are still extremely important to the ongoing operations of any medical facility, insurance company, or billing service. By creating and maintaining medical charts, submitting claims, and preparing notes, medical administrative assistants and billers ensure that all necessary parts are in place for patient care.
  • Business administration professionals. Individuals who have an education in business administration are often working “behind the scenes” in the healthcare industry, completing important tasks such as accounting, payroll, marketing and communication, and others. While these jobs might not necessarily have you providing in-person care to COVID-19 patients, they are nevertheless essential to the efforts against COVID-19.


What Happens to These Jobs After COVID-19?

Right now, it can be a challenge to imagine a time when we aren’t worried about the devastating impact of the coronavirus pandemic. However, a time will come when COVID-19 is far more under control, and the healthcare industry returns to a semblance of normalcy.

That being said, it’s highly likely that this global event will have lasting impacts on the industry forever. COVID-19 has made it clear that the healthcare industry was woefully understaffed for a crisis of this scale, and the hope is that the pandemic will lead to a greater understanding of the needs of the medical field. It would not be surprising to see continued growth in the industry as a whole – especially because healthcare was already predicted to add nearly 2 million jobs through 2028.

One of the biggest benefits to obtaining a business admin degree is its versatility – you’ll be well-prepared to pursue a diverse range of careers. At ASA College, we offer business administration concentration options for students interested in accounting, hospitality management, social media, and even sports management so that you can further your career according to your personal goals. After COVID-19, you might elect to remain in a role related to the healthcare field… or you could decide to change your path altogether. Ultimately, with a degree in business administration and valuable work experience, the decision will be yours. And for individuals that seize the opportunity to begin a job in medical billing and coding, the future is equally as bright. A wide range of factors ensures that the healthcare workforce will only continue to grow, including:

  • America’s steadily aging population
  • A growth in chronic conditions (and the need for medical care)
  • A generation of “Baby Boomers” reaching retirement age

Find Your Role in the Battle Against COVID-19

There’s no question that the coronavirus pandemic has had disastrous effects on millions of people around the world, and the crisis doesn’t appear to be ending anytime soon. However, it’s possible for you to make a positive difference in the fight to defeat COVID-19 – and begin a fulfilling career in the process.

ASA College offers a wide range of diploma and degree programs in New York and Florida, including options for studying business administration, medical billing and coding, and many other fields. In addition, our online campus puts your degree within easy reach, letting you pursue an education that fits your needs and lifestyle.

The worldwide health crisis has put many elements of our everyday lives on hold, but it doesn’t mean you have to put off working towards your professional dreams. Learn more about how the programs at ASA College can help you achieve your career goals by contacting us today.



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