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Constitution Week at ASA College

Constitution Week at ASA College

Constitution Week at ASA College, Hialeah Campus

September 17th – Happy Constitution Day!

We begin the celebration from12:00-1:00 – Room 218- Mayor of Miami Lakes- Government & Citizenship

Sept 18th-  12:00-1:00 – Room 218- City of Hialeah PD- Your Rights: 4th and 5th Amendments  

Sept 19- 12:00-1:00- Room 218 – Chris B. Williams Staying Positive in Challenging Political Times (Info Attached)

Sept 20- Friday Fun Day! 12:00-3:00 – Room 218- Rap Music v. The 1st Amendment (Nari Tomlinson, JD) , The Freedom of Religion as a Muslim (Ayesha Mohammed, JD) & Constitution Jeopardy (Cristhian Mancera, JD)

Sept 23 – 12:00-3:00 – Room 218- Rob Collins, Esq- Discrimination in Housing- Your Rights & Practical Tips