Interdisciplinary Studies (AA)

Associate of Arts Degree Program

Program Overviews

The Associate of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies program at ASA College allows students to pursue academic interests that transcend traditional majors. The Program offers students degree programs which provide a broad background applicable to a variety of careers and enables students to pursue their passions and achieve their academic and career goals by creating a space for personal growth, critical thinking and intellectual engagement. It is designed to serve as a stepping stone for the adult learner, appropriate the person whose career goals require a two-year, college-level education or for the person who seeks the degree as a bridge toward a bachelor degree. The Interdisciplinary associate’s degree offers a wide range of courses designed to provide a solid foundation of knowledge in areas such as English, mathematics, sciences, history and language arts. The student will develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills as well.

For some students, an Associate of Arts degree is just the beginning. That’s where our Interdisciplinary Studies program can help.

Interdisciplinary Studies Learning Options

An Associate of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary studies provides the excellent groundwork for a Bachelor’s degree later on by allowing you to truly master the basic foundations of learning before pursuing your Bachelor’s degree. At ASA, you can immerse yourself in interdisciplinary studies both in a classroom setting or from your own home.

Students who prefer traditional classroom learning will enjoy learning from our Miami campus. Here, you can study English, mathematics, history, science, and language arts. For students who aren’t able to study on campus, there’s also remote learning.

Remote learning with ASA is easy! Simply log in to our classroom portal at the appointed time and receive a live lecture from your professor while sitting in bed and sipping on a cup of your own coffee. We can even accept international students so long as they can show up on campus for one class per semester.

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Program Goals

The Interdisciplinary Studies degree serves as a foundation toward earning a bachelor’s degree. It is designed to provide a stepping stone for the learner to transition to a four-year school into one of the four professional pathways from which they choose: Business, Health Care, Legal Studies, or Web Design.

Graduates of this program should be able to:

  • Demonstrate understanding of American English by using it with the precision and clarity necessary for effective communication
  • Convey information and ideas clearly and effectively in English through the written word in a variety of formats and contexts
  • Reason quantitatively and solve problems using appropriate computational techniques
  • Utilize information technology effectively in a variety of applications and demonstrate adaptability to new innovations
  • Access, evaluate, integrate, and apply information from a variety of resources, including print and electronic
  • Reason critically and logically about a variety of topical and relevant issues

Currently, ASA College is not accepting new applications for enrollment!



Online program only available for Florida residents.

*According to Federal Regulations International Students need to attend at least one class per semester on campus.