Criminal Justice (BS)

    Bachelor of Science Degree Program

    Program Overview

    The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice provides students with knowledge about the nature and causes of crime and delinquency, law and the legal system for juveniles and adults in American society stressing the interrelationships between the various components of the criminal justice system, and the decision processes of criminal justice agencies. A criminal justice major is broadly educated within a general education framework in the liberal arts and also provided with courses that directly apply to careers within the criminal and juvenile justice systems and the study of law. In addition to the theoretical, this major also focuses on the practical, allowing for students to be career-ready upon graduation. This program is comparable with similar programs at other institutions. However, ASA College’s B.S. in Criminal Justice provides students with competencies required in today’s job market. Classes are taught by both academic and criminal justice practitioners, and provide students opportunities to work with faculty on research projects and participate in internships with local criminal justice agencies.

    The curriculum is comprised of 45 credits in the major, including 9 elective credits. Beyond the required core of criminal justice and legal courses, students can choose courses directed to a particular career goal. The program includes 5 credits in College and Career Preparatory component, 17 credits in General Education and 30 credits of liberal arts and science courses providing graduates of this program with a solid foundation in general education. The program also includes 15 credits in a choice of minors that includes courses in the American Criminal Justice System, Constitutional law, criminal law and procedures, criminology, and research methods in criminal justice. In the quest to satisfy graduation requirements, students will be able to demonstrate achievement of the program’s objectives by excelling in the college-core courses, professional core courses, advanced professional courses, and a practicum

    Criminal Justice Learning Options

    A Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice is an exciting deep dive into criminal justice to prepare you for a fulfilling career when you leave school. At ASA, you can work towards your BS in Criminal Justice in one of three ways.

    The traditional way of taking our BS in Criminal Justice program is in the classroom at our Miami campus. Our classroom settings allow you to work with your peers as well as with professors in person, and offer access to libraries and other amenities.

    We also offer online classes for students who want to study at their own pace. Online classes can be accessed at any time, from anywhere, on your own computer. It’s a perfect option for a student with a hectic schedule or a student with a long commute to Miami.

    Looking for something in between the two? Consider our remote learning courses. Remote learning allows you to access live lectures and instruction from your home, including options for international students. Like on-campus learning, lessons take place at a certain time, but like online courses, it’s a great way to save time and gas money.

    Contact us today to learn more about the ways to pursue your BS in Criminal Justice!

    Program Goals

    Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

    • Identify, describe, and explain the current and historical practices, policies, structures, and stages of the criminal justice system at the local, state and federal levels in the United States, from the commission of an actual crime through adjudication and corrections, including the interplay between the three branches of the criminal justice system
    • Identify, describe, and apply historical, current, and emerging theories and various social and analytic tools to the fields of criminal investigations, criminology, and corrections
    • Provide a critical analysis of basic sources of law, concepts of substantive and procedural law derived from both case law and enacted law, theories of law and their practical applications, and the structure and interrelation of the federal and Florida legal systems including court structure and the legal process; and
    • Obtain entry-level employment in careers within the legal field, including but not limited to, law enforcement, court system, law, and corrections

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      Online program only available for Florida residents.

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