Business Administration (AS)

Associate in Science Degree Program

Establish a foundation that will guarantee your success as a business professional. An Associate degree in Business Administration is a time-tested first step taken by many successful employees, entrepreneurs, and business managers. Invest your drive and energy into mastering the fundamentals, and you’ll launch your career in business with an Associate degree in Business Administration from ASA College.

Business Administration Associate Degree Program Overview

The Associate in Science degree in Business Administration prepares graduates to begin or advance their careers in the business world. It can also be a major step towards completing a bachelor’s degree. The program typically provides students with a comprehensive understanding of management principles, business-oriented technology and interpersonal skills. This program also offers concentrations in specific areas of business, such as accounting, sports management, hospitality management, and social media. Through career-oriented courses, the program will help students build the skills and industry background information to qualify them for entry-level jobs in their specialty field. The AS degree program in Business Administration requires the successful completion of 61 credit semester hours for graduation.

ASA’s AS degree program in Business Administration combines theory with extensive computer applications. The curriculum integrates courses in the humanities, office technology, and complementing electives. Faculty provide students with intensive course work that simulates the typical work environment. A vital component of the Business Administration program is an externship course in which students endeavor to apply their theoretical exposure in the area of their concentration. Participation in this work-experience program is permitted in the final semester. Students who are continuing their education and are not seeking immediate employment have the option of registering for the Business Administration Capstone course.

Here is how you benefit when you enroll in the Associate degree in Business Administration program at ASA College:

Quick Job Placement After Graduation: The Associate in Business Administration degree is a short 2-year degree program that prepares you to begin working even before graduation in some cases.

In-Demand Fast-Growing Careers: ASA College constantly monitors business trends across all industries to determine which careers are fast growing and in high demand. Our associate degree programs include training in digital marketing, with social media management, accounting, tax preparation, sports management leading to careers in facilities and entertainment management in addition to other careers in Business.

Eye-catching Resume Qualifications: When you complete your Associate degree in Business Administration you will be able to demonstrate professionalism, dedication, and industry knowledge in your chosen field. Potential employers are looking for these soft skills when recruiting and interviewing candidates to fill a job opening. The Associate degree in Business Administration at ASA College provides guidance and opportunities that equip students to build resumes with demonstrable experience and sought-after credentials in their field.

Career-focused Instruction:  The Business Administration Associate degree focuses heavily on preparing students in their chosen areas of study such as Social Media Management, Accounting or Sports Management.

Preparation for Advanced Degrees: Associate degree graduates can continue their studies at ASA College Miami, by enrolling in Business Administration degree programs. In as little as four additional semesters, graduates from our associate degree program could become graduates with a bachelor’s degree in their selected field of study.

Externship Program and Job Placement:  As a career-focused institution, ASA College specializes in preparing students for the job market. In order to meet this goal, ASA College places externs in reputable public organizations and private businesses that offer students an opportunity to obtain crucial preparatory experience for the job market. In addition, ASA College employs highly trained job placement specialists who coach students on interviewing techniques, resume writing, and networking.

Community & Clubs: At ASA College students work together in teams to create a meaningful experience. We value the community at ASA College.  Students are able to join and participate in various clubs such as Entrepreneurial club, Finance club, and Business Writing club. In a peer setting, learn how to lead, develop your ideas, launch your first business venture, or become a high-profile investor. Most of all interact with your colleagues who are from many countries all over the world and explore the future of global business together.

In addition to the traditional program, we offer an online version to students who live far from campus, have family obligations, or are working. Both traditional and online classes are comparable to each other and the same grading system is used.

Passionate about business administration? Now there are multiple ways to earn your degree!

Business Administration Learning Options

Not everyone has the same needs when it comes to learning, which is why ASA offers multiple ways to earn your Business Administration (AS) Associate in Science degree. In the midst of a pandemic and when the world returns to normal, you can work towards your degree in person or remotely.

Our Miami campus is open for business administration classes and any other courses you may need for your degree. But what if you have a busy schedule or accessibility challenges that make it difficult to attend class in person? For these reasons and more, ASA offers remote learning classes, in which you’ll receive live instruction from your professor from your own computer.

Remote learning takes place at the same time as in-person classes, but cuts out the time — and gas money! — needed to attend an in-person class. Gain all the knowledge you need with the same expert professors from the comfort of your own home, even if you’re studying internationally (as long as you can be present on campus for one class per semester).

Is English your second language? We also offer our Business Administration Associate in Science degree in Spanish! Contact us today to learn more or get started.

Business Administration Associate Degree Program Goals

Upon successful completion of the program in Business Administration, (AS), a graduate should be able to demonstrate the following knowledge, skills and achievements:

  • Apply key business and management concepts and theories in a real-world context and apply critical-thinking skills to the managerial decision making process;
  • Employ industry-standard accounting software, tax software packages and also manually prepare accurate financial statements, report key data, and prepare both individual and business tax documents;
  • Use interpretive and analytic skills to identify problems, create reports with respect to commonly used financial statements;
  • Evaluate ethical, social. Civic, and cultural issues in the context of business and accounting practice;
  • Apply effective team-management and leadership skills in diverse and dynamic workplaces;
  • Apply knowledge of business practices and technical skills that supports and facilitates lifelong professional development and transfer to a baccalaureate degree program in Business Administration/Accounting without further academic preparation;
  • Develop a sense of community and understanding of population that is diverse in age, race, social, and economic, and economic background;
  • Maintain a firm, but flexible educational vision that responds to the ever-changing nature of sports management profession.

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Accounting professionals play an important role by providing support for decision making in organizations. They form integral and core parts of the decision-making process of an organization. Students develop competencies in a variety of software that are critical to the practice of accounting and business management; i.e. Peachtree, QuickBooks, TurboTax and others. The accounting courses are offered in a pattern that proceeds from the simple to complex. Graduates with concentration in Accounting find jobs as staff accountants, junior accountants, payroll accounting, bookkeepers, accounting clerks and loan processors. Sound like the right fit for you? Learn more about ASA College Degree Programs.

Courses in Accounting

  • Principles of Accounting II
  • Spreadsheet Modeling with Business Decisions
  • Taxation
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Computerized Accounting

Graduates with a concentration in Hospitality Management acquire a solid business and managerial foundation as well as specialized training in this field. Students take courses in a broad range of concepts, practices, and issues specific to the service and hospitality industry – helping them develop the skills and knowledge to work directly with customers or behind the scenes to ensure a more pleasurable guest experience. Graduates are prepared to be leaders in settings such as hotels, food and beverage industry, travel and tourism, casinos, resorts and spa services, and entertainment and sports venues. Graduates would be able to find jobs as hotel night auditor, front-line managers of food preparation workers, and front-line managers of food servers, food service manager, and other related fields. Learn more about degree programs at ASA College in Miami today!

Courses in Hospitality Management

  • Introduction to Hospitality Management
  • Technology in the Hospitality
  • Ethical Hospitality Management
  • Convention and Event Management
  • Hospitality Human Resources and Supervision

Social Media Management graduates of ASA College in Miami will master social media communication principles and platforms and be able to apply strategies and tactics to real projects. Completers will also be able to implement an effective and comprehensive social media campaign and develop a professional portfolio to demonstrate newly acquired expertise.

Courses in Social Media Management at ASA College

  • Writing for Social Media Management
  • Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • Public Relations and Social Media
  • Using Social Media Tools
  • Digital Media Buyer

Students can also minor in Sports Management where they have a wide choice of career objectives in sports management and which prepares them for employment in entry-level positions as coaches, umpires, athletic administrators, facility and event managers, sports promoters, and many more.

Courses in Sports Management

  • Sports Management
  • Sports Leadership
  • Sports Marketing
  • Facilities and Events Management
  • Sports Finance

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Online program only available for Florida residents.

*According to Federal Regulations International Students need to attend at least one class per semester on campus.