Business Administration (BS)

    Bachelor of Science Degree Program

    Program Overview

    Finding success in the corporate world requires more than solid business sense — you need to be able to take leadership roles, adapt to new situations, and make connections with people of different backgrounds. ASA’s business administration degrees are designed to produce well-rounded graduates who can flourish in a variety of industries.

    The program offers concentrations for students who want a deeper understanding of particular business areas:

    • Social media
    • Hospitality management
    • Accounting
    • Sports management

    These concentrations can provide students with a more thorough understanding of each industry’s demands, giving them an advantage when they enter the job market.

    This Bachelor’s degree also offers a solid foundation in business skills:

    • Interpersonal skills
    • Management principles
    • Business-oriented technology

    Our bachelor’s degree programs are about more than just preparing you for the hiring process — we aim to produce graduates who have the ambition to grow beyond their initial roles and become leaders. With a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from ASA College, you can be prepared to take the initiative, manage a team, and improve operations with the latest technology.

    The curriculum is comprised of 69 credits in core business subjects including 15 elective credits. Beyond the required core of business and humanities, students can choose courses directed to a particular career goal. Students would be required to take 15 credits of business electives towards their Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, which will make them more marketable in the business world.

    The program also includes 47 credits of liberal arts courses that provide a solid foundation in liberal arts and sciences and general education to provide graduates with the sensitivity and knowledge base necessary to deal effectively with diverse populations and challenging interpersonal situations. The program includes courses in accounting and mathematics relating to the use of quantitative data in decision-making and control. Other courses in this program are economics, law, management, marketing, and behavioral sciences. In each of these courses, emphasis is placed on essential analytical tools and their use in business problems of a specific area and prepares the graduate to enter a career in a functional field or undertake graduate study. In the quest to satisfy graduation requirements, students will be able to demonstrate achievement of the program’s objectives by excelling in the college-core courses, professional core courses, advanced professional courses, and a practicum.

    This is a traditional program, but it is offered online as well as for students who are working, have family obligations, or prefer the flexibility of online education. Whether you choose to enroll in the traditional program or as an online student, both sets of students must complete a rigorous course of study.

    Business Administration Learning Options

    If 2 years isn’t enough for you, you can achieve a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration through ASA. We want to offer students as many avenues as possible to pursue the degree of their dreams, which is why we offer three ways to progress through this program.

    The first way you can work towards your BS in Business Administration is in a classroom at our Miami campus. Here, you can learn with other students and have face-to-face interactions with helpful, knowledgeable professors.

    If you’re not able to attend class on campus due to schedules or accessibility, you can also take remote classes from your computer. Remote learning takes place at an appointed time, with live instruction from professors to guide you through the coursework. With remote learning, you can even be an international student, so long as you’re able to show up at one class per semester.

    Need to study at your own pace? No problem. As long as you live in the state of Florida, consider our online classes! Online classes can be done at any time, from the comfort of home or your favorite coffee shop, simply through your student portal. You’ll receive the same quality of education, on the schedule that works best for you.

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    Program Goals

    To guarantee that students are developing the necessary skills for success, we’ve developed goals to guide the program curriculum. Graduates who complete the Business Administration Program are expected to demonstrate expertise in the following areas:

    • Professional Development: Students should be able to articulate the importance of ongoing professional development. They should also illustrate the technical skills and business practice knowledge necessary to find and pursue development opportunities.
    • Leadership: Graduates should be comfortable in leadership roles, including managing team members with different skill sets, personal backgrounds, and knowledge bases. Graduates also need to be adaptable and prepared to work in dynamic environments.
    • Cultural Awareness: No business exists in a vacuum; graduating students should have a working knowledge of relevant cultural, civic, ethical, and social issues, and be able to apply them in a business context. Students are also expected to understand the importance of ethics in accounting practices.
    • Problem Solving and Critical Thinking: Graduates should be equipped with proper analytical and interpretive skills to review financial statements and generate reports. They should also be able to evaluate situations, identify potential issues, and offer innovative solutions.
    • Technological Literacy: Students should be able to prepare business and individual tax documents using industry-standard tax software. They should also be able to report key data and prepare accurate financial statements with accounting software.


    Career Outlook for Business Professionals

    A degree in Business Administration can be an excellent investment for students who want flexibility in their future careers. That said, a concentration can help those interested in a particular industry.

    Students with a Social Media concentration learn the skills necessary to design and implement a social media marketing campaign. This includes a working knowledge of popular platforms. The Associate degree Program in Social Media Management may even lead to job opportunities before completion due to the high demand for workers in this field.

    The hospitality industry requires specialized knowledge in a wide range of subjects, such as tourism, entertainment, and hotels. Graduates with a Hospitality Management concentration can obtain a thorough understanding of diverse enterprises.

    Sports Management is a unique, fast-growing field that offers a wide variety of career paths, including roles as athletic administrators and umpires. This is an excellent concentration for students who want to combine their passions for business and sports.

    The Fashion Design and Merchandising concentration is perfect for those seeking employment in sales and retail. Students can learn to channel their creativity into brand development and promotion.

    Graduates with a Digital Media Marketing concentration should be prepared for careers as communication and marketing specialists. This area of study includes technical skills and knowledge of multi-channel marketing.

    An Accounting concentration can prepare graduates for a variety of roles, including loan processor and payroll accountant. With this concentration, students can use industry-standard software for tax filing and bookkeeping.

    Why Choose ASA College in Miami

    There are many colleges in Miami that offer a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, so why choose ASA College? The answer is simple: We believe in providing useful skills, not just an item on your resume.

    From the beginning, we’ve focused on producing graduates that employers are eager to hire. Our programs employ hands-on teaching techniques to equip students for the real world. With our innovative approach to academics, graduates can earn a degree that both bestows prestige and provides applicable career knowledge.

    ASA College is also committed to providing flexibility to our student body. We serve students from a variety of backgrounds and understand that the “traditional” approach to college doesn’t fit everyone. To accommodate our students’ varying needs and goals, we offer both on-campus and online courses so you can get an education that fits your schedule.

    No matter your current place on your career path, you can find the resources and programs you need at ASA College. To find out more or to enroll today, give us a call at 1-844-319-4432 or contact us online today!

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      Online program only available for Florida residents.

      *According to Federal Regulations International Students need to attend at least one class per semester on campus.