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Associate Degree Programs 

Obtaining a degree is a great way to get started in a lifelong career. Our Associate’s Degree programs can help you land an entry-level position in a firm, giving you the hands-on training needed to shine. Associate’s Degrees can also be effective stepping stones towards Bachelor’s Degrees, Master’s Degrees, or Doctorates in your field. Get a solid foundation for your chosen career and specialize your education in harmony with your personal goals.

Immerse Yourself with A Variety of In-Demand Associate’s Degrees

It makes sense to use your time wisely with degrees that are in constant demand in the U.S. job market. Here are a few of the Associate’s Degree programs we offer:

  • A.A.S. in Business Administration 
  • A.S. in Criminal Justice
  • A.S. in Medical Assisting
  • A.S. in Diagnostic Medical Sonography
  • A.S. in Radiologic Technologist Professional
  • A.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies

Our courses are designed to give you a solid start on the road to professional excellence. They equip you with business experience that modern employers value. They also prepare you for advanced law courses, health care specializations, or MBA studies.

Why Choose to Earn an Associate’s Degree at ASA College in Miami

Here are a few things that set our institution apart from other colleges in Miami:

  • Accredited professional instruction: We are an accredited college with qualified industry faculty. ASA College is a member of the American Association of Medical Assistants, National Business Educators Association, National Career Development Association, and numerous other trusted organizations.
  • Real-world experience: To truly prepare students for a rewarding career, we go beyond textbook lessons. Our prime focus is on hands-on training, internship, and practical application.
  • Flexible class schedules: One of our core values is that students should be able to balance work and study while obtaining an Associate’s Degree. We make it as easy as possible for you to fit classes into your schedule.
  • No time penalty: We don’t require students to adhere to a strict rate of progression. Instead, you can complete your degree in the time frame that works best for your circumstances.
  • Career focus: Immerse yourself right away in your chosen field. While academic studies are included in a well-rounded curriculum, the majority of class credits are directly related to your preferred career. We use a career-first method that lets you get started from day one in developing valuable professional skills for the industry you’re interested in.

At ASA College in Miami, we believe in giving students the tools needed to excel. Our goal is to help you transition directly from graduation to attractive job opportunities.

Enroll in a Proven Associate’s Degree Program Today

Receive real training that makes you into a respected industry professional with an impressive resume. Invest in your future with one of the institutionally accredited colleges in Miami. To enroll in one of the Associate’s Degree programs at ASA College in Miami, or to learn more, contact us right away.

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