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My name is Celia Sennon and I successfully completed my Associate’s degree in Medical Assisting at ASA.

After working in retail for three years, I realized that I was not getting ahead. I wanted something better for myself and my child. It was then that I realized the only way I was going to have a successful career was obtaining a college degree. I began researching schools that offered small class sizes, flexible schedule, and teachers who worked one-on-one with students. ASA offered everything I was looking for in a college. Without a second thought, I enrolled!

As a child I always wanted to be a nurse. The idea of taking care of people when they are sick appealed to me. My research proved that the medical field was one of the fastest growing industries with regards to employment growth. I knew that a medical degree would offer me the stability I sought.

What I liked most about ASA were the instructors. They are extremely insightful, friendly, and flexible. They worked with me no matter what was going on in my life and gave me that extra push to get ahead. I will always be grateful to them!

During my final semester, I encountered my greatest challenge. I was 8 months pregnant. I had to maintain a good attendance as well as work a demanding externship! Without the help of the instructors and my family, I could not have gotten through this challenging time. I still reflect on that time and wonder how I made it through.

Last year, I attended a Career Fair hosted by ASA for its alumni. It was during this job fair that I met with my current employer Doshi Diagnostic. Two days later, they reached out to me and scheduled my very first interview! I immediately called my Career Advisor Inna Kesler. She gave me a mock interview, which was very insightful. As a result, I was able to interview with confidence. Ultimately, I was offered a job as a Medical Assistant /Front Desk with Doshi Diagnostic.

My goal is to pursue my Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. One day I will see my childhood dream come true! My advice to future and present students of ASA is, “Take ASA seriously, stay focused and never give up!”



I am so grateful for the education that ASA provided me. I am glad that I took my education seriously. I worked hard to learn and retain the information I was given. I kept up on my studies and was able to graduate with a 3.27GPA. As a foreign student, I attended all of my classes and every clinic lab, loving every moment. I love my profession as a Medical Assistant. I am so grateful for the people whom I am able to touch.

For 3 months, I worked closely with Career Services Department toward determining how I might obtain employment upon graduation. Career Services assisted me in creating a professional resume useful for job applications as well as preparing me for interviews. I now work for Empire Annex as a Medical Assistant. I love this job! My work allows me to utilize the medical skills I have obtained at ASA College. The doctors and staff are extremely pleasant to work with. I am pleased to say that Career Services Department is a wonderful asset to ASA College and students should take complete advantage of what it has to offer.

Thanks again to the Career Service Department for assisting me in attaining the professional skills necessary for both my current and future successes. When asked for words of advice, I would say to all to study hard. Attend all your classes and work hard at your externship. Learn to work with a diverse population. In addition, work with as many different patients as you possibly can and allow love and compassion to flow through your work.

What a great gift this work has been in my life! Thank you ASA!



As an adult, I discovered that one of the most important values in life is education, the kind of education that will enable you to secure a career of your choice. For me that career was Business Administration and Accounting. Having moved to the United States, I found myself in a totally new environment. I needed to get answers to the many questions I had. At ASA College, I found an amazing support system and met many people who were willing to help me and treated me with professionalism and understanding.

Before starting my externship I could not even imagine that I would be a part of a world renowned financial firm such as USB Financial Corporation, with global ties in the world of investment and banking. To me this externship experience that ASA provided was my first exposure to corporate America. It boosted my confidence and made me realize that I would like to associate my professional career with the financial field.

I feel everyone at ASA does a great job, that is why ASA College continues to progress. I would like to personally thank my Career Advisor, Sergey Dubrovskiy for helping me secure a challenging position at Chase Bank, where I am currently employed as a Personal Banker. With great respect I would like to thank my Accounting Instructors, Professors Donatila A. San Juan and Teresita A. Soriano. They gave me a great understanding of Accounting and always inspired me to be a better student and person.

Students, be assured that ASA provides all the resources you need to study and move towards your goals. It is not just about passing quizzes, it is about gaining the knowledge shared by those dedicated instructors. Remember, your grade will stay on paper, but what stays in your head is more important!