ASA College: Miami Campus
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Office Hours:
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Career Services

ASA is one of the accredited colleges in Miami that provides an immersive professional experience in addition to classroom study.

Externships are available for credit hours to provide students with real-world opportunities to intern in an office environment that aligns with their major.

This creates realistic expectations of what future roles entail and allows practical exposure. It also provides an opportunity to network.

Career Services at ASA College

We provide many resources and support to help you find employment and achieve your professional goals upon graduation from ASA Miami.

We ensure that you will be adequately prepared for employment and endeavor to align opportunities and resources to that end.

Our Peers for Careers club invites members to network with each another. It also provides opportunities for members to engage with people and organizations specific to majors during their studies.

Events are held frequently and divided by major to allow for specialized interactions and exposure. These clubs meet on and off campus as they partner with local organizations in the field.

We also place great emphasis on our Alumni Association. Networking and building lifelong friendships, contacts, and professional referrals is a great benefit of college.

This is an excellent resource while attending college and will be of increasing benefit as you graduate. Take full advantage of everything ASA Miami has to offer.