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ur Business Administration and Accounting Program integrates conventional accounting courses in a module that includes relevant interdisciplinary subjects. This program is oriented toward preparing students for both administrative and accounting vocations in various sectors of the economy.

ASA’s Associate Degree program in Business Administration – Accounting combines theory with extensive computer applications. Students develop competencies in a variety of software that are critical in the practice of accounting and business management; i.e. Peachtree, QuickBooks, TurboTax and others. The accounting courses are offered in a pattern that proceeds from the simple to complex.


Upon successful completion of the program, a graduate should be able to demonstrate the following knowledge, skills and achievements:

  • Apply key business and management concepts in a real-world context and apply critical-thinking skills to the managerial decision-making process.
  • Employ industry-standard accounting software, tax software, prepare accurate financial statements, report key data, as well as prepare both individual and business tax documents.
  • Use interpretive and analytic skills to identify problems and create reports with respect to commonly used financial statements.
  • Evaluate ethical, social, civic and cultural issues in the context of business and accounting practice.
  • Apply effective team-management and leadership skills in diverse and dynamic workplaces.
  • Apply knowledge of business practices and technical skills that supports and facilitates lifelong professional development.


In the area of accounting, graduates find jobs as staff accountants, junior accountants, payroll managers, bookkeepers, accounting operatives, and loan processors.

Those fulfilling graduation requirements with a major in Retail Management will be able to find jobs as advertising generalist or specialist, promotion operatives, customer service managers, or retail analysts.

Academic preparation in e-commerce qualifies graduates to assume positions in direct marketing, personal selling, brand development, and customer service in business-to-business and business-to customer settings.