ASA College is committed to providing user friendly access to all the institutional policies and key procedures. The items below will give the user a short summary of the topic as well as access to more in depth information which can be found throughout the ASA website and in school publications available for download.

In order keep our school and the surrounding community informed ASA College publishes several reports that meet different types of compliance requirements. To see our Certificates of Occupancy please click here for Hialeah.

ASA College is proud to provide educational opportunities to veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces. The school has been selected by G.I. Jobs Magazine as a Military Friendly® School. This honor places ASA and our veterans programs in the top 16% of all school nationwide. For more information on Veteran’s Benefits and ASA click here.

Tuition and fees for ASA College vary depending on program and campus. Please contact us to get more information about tuition and fees.

ASA College complies with all federal laws related to disability access and does not discriminate in service or employment. The Office of Student Disability Services will provide students, faculty and staff with assistance and information on issues of access and participation for people with disabilities at ASA College. Read more here.

Students who are enrolled in ASA College are obliged to conduct themselves in a manner that is in keeping with the functions of the College as an educational institution.

Therefore, violations of the student code of conduct are subject to disciplinary action. Those actions can include warnings, disciplinary probation, suspension or dismissal from the college. To review the full text, including list of student responsibilities, click here.

ASA uses both quantitative and qualitative measures to determine academic progress. Quantitative measures are the total number of credits attempted by the student in his or her program of study. For purposes of Satisfactory Academic Progress standards, credit hours attempted include any hours for which a student has incurred a financial obligation regardless of whether or not the student successfully completed the course. For more information on Academic Progress see the ASA College Catalog.

Students who withdraw from courses or programs while attending ASA College must do so officially with the Registrar’s Office. For detailed information and explanation of the college Refund Policy see the ASA College Catalog.

ASA College is committed to respecting your privacy. You can visit official ASA College websites without revealing any personal information. Should you choose to provide us with any personal information, you can be assured that it will only be used by ASA to conduct official school business and personal information will never be disseminated to any unaffiliated third party. Review our entire Online Privacy and Security Policy by clicking here.

It is required of every ASA College student to submit Immunization records to the Registrar’s office within 30 days of the start of the semester. This is listed in the ASA College Student Handbook.

The purpose of the ASA College Grievance Reporting Procedure is to outline a process for students to express and resolve misunderstandings, concerns, or issues that they have with any College employee, fellow student, or third party associated with the College in a fair and equitable manner. A step-by-step outline of this procedure is located in the ASA College Catalog.

ASA Graduation Rate as calculated and published by the Integrated Post-secondary and Education Data System (IPEDS) of the National Center for Evaluation Statistics is 32% for the 2010 cohort. Details by program can be found on the ASA College website at

ASA College is a member of the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators and abides by the association’s code of ethics. To download the NASFAA Statement of Ethical Principles and Code of Conduct click here.

ASA College provides multiple resources for financing your college education, from Scholarships to Federal and State financial aid packages. We also strongly recommend speaking with your advisers to properly explore your financial aid options. For more details on financing options see the ASA College Catalog.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) afford eligible students certain rights with respect to their education records. ASA College works to protect and maintain the privacy of all past and current students. For more information on ASA and FERPA see the ASA Student Handbook.

ASA College is a Drug and Alcohol Free Institution in compliance with the Drug-free Schools and Communities Act of 1989. The unlawful possession, use, and distribution of illicit drugs on College property, or as any part of College activity, is prohibited. For more information on this policy see the ASA College Student Handbook.

To maintain compliance with the Clery Act of 2008 and to keep our school and the surrounding community informed ASA College publishes an Annual Security and Fire Safety Report. To review the complete report, the ASA Clery Quick Guide and archives of past reports please click here.

All ASA College campuses and dorms are patrolled by uniformed security personnel. They are the first point of contact should an emergency take place and can be reached at 844-319-4432. If a member of security personnel is not available, call police by dialing 911.

Additionally, any specific concerns regarding campus safety must be reported to Facilities Management at 718-534-0755 or ext. 2156.

A College Emergency Notification system which provides text, phone call and email alerts to the ASA Community can be accessed by individuals to update their contact information here

For complete information on the ASA College Athletics programs, visit our Official Athletics Website.

ASA College: Miami is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) and credits earned at ASA are transferable to four-year programs at other colleges.

The institution is authorized by the Commission for Independent Education, Florida Department of Education to confer the Associate of Occupational Studies and the Associate in Applied Science degrees. Our degree and certificate programs are registered by the State Education Department. Read more about our accreditation and organization memberships here.

The Academic Programs & Policies of ASA College can be found in the ASA College Catalog. Items included in this section include: definitions of the Academic Year, Semester Credit Hour, Class Schedule, and Course Load. Additionally, the section covers important policies such as FERPA, Student Conduct and Grievance Procedures.