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The Silver Storm Baseball team begins their season this weekend in Fort Myers. Before striking opponents out and swinging for the fences members of the Storm’s Baseball program came together to join a great cause in our community. Wednesday night they partnered up with “Feed My Starving Children” foundation in preparing over 340,000 meals for underprivileged children around the world.

The Storm joined 350 other members of the community at the Miami Dade Youth Fair Expo Wednesday night. Head Baseball coach Jonathan Hernandez along with the rest of the Baseball staff were in attendance as well. “It’s truly an honor to partner with a foundation like this.” Coach Hernandez added. “We are very happy to take part in something that will help feed so many children around the world.”

The Baseball staff also felt that an event like this would definitely help boost the morale and bond that the team already possesses. The Silver Storm Baseball team will participate in other events around the community both during and after their season. Coach Hernandez wants to teach his players the importance of winning both on and off the field. There is no doubt it takes a special individual to call themselves a Silver Stormer!



Meet the Lab Coordinator of our Nursing Department

Meet the Lab Coordinator of our Nursing Department Meet the Lab Coordinator of our Nursing Department, Monika Dixon. She has amazing experience and a lot of inspiration to share. Thank you, Ms. Dixon, for everything you’ve done for our Nursing Department and students. This year we’re trying to do our part in honoring our dedicated Nursing students and alumni by sharing their video stories. If we haven’t recorded your story yet, let us celebrate you. Access to learn more.


SEVP proposed rules and regulations changes rescinded  

SEVP proposed rules and regulations changes rescinded   Attention, International Students:   The Trump administration has rescinded a rule that would have required international students to leave the country if their colleges hold classes entirely online this fall because of the coronavirus pandemic.   The move comes after the policy announcement last week sparked a flurry of litigation, beginning with a suit brought by Harvard and MIT, followed by California’s public colleges and later a coalition of 17 states.  ...


We stand together

We stand together Laws and regulations that single out vulnerable members of our community are divisive and unjust. We stand together. International students representing over 125 countries are enrolled at ASA College. Over 30% percent of our student body is international. With the firmest conviction we believe that international students are crucial to ASA’s stated mission of educating a diverse and qualified student population. No institution of higher learning educates truly qualified students without the diversity of thought, perspectives, and...


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