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Meet Your Student Advisors

They love getting to know students as individuals. They want to support students as they grow during their academic journeys. Who are they? Our student advisors – Connie Gamarra and Mirna Alfonso. 

They offered to be interviewed because they wanted to make sure you know all the ways they can help youMeet Connie and Mirna, and check out what they can do for you.  

 What type of academic assistance do advisors offer? 

We offer academic support, and guidance. We know who you can speak with in other departments depending on your needs. We can help you get set up with tutoring assistance as well. Really, we try to meet your needs whatever they may be. For example, if you would like more information on which food banks are closest to your location, or which medical clinics are near you, we can help you with that. We also have current information on Wellness Connect for students who want to reduce stress and improve mental health. 

 Can a student contact an advisor and make an appointment with them? 

Yes, the best way is to email us for a phone or Zoom appointment if you prefer having a conversation about a topic of concern. We’re always happy to talk with our students! 

 Can an advisor help me register for courses? 

Yes, we can provide you with the link to build your schedule and/or offer advice as to the course load that you may need academically. We can also go over the courses you’ve completed and work with the Registrar’s Office to make sure you are fulfilling your requirements for graduation. Depending on what we discuss together, we can review your current workload and guide you to the Learning Center for tutoring. In necessary cases, we’ll support you in withdrawing from a course. We always put you first. 

Can an advisor help me with the course information/requirements I need to fulfill to graduate? 

Yes, we can go over the courses you’ve completed and work with the Registrar’s Office to make sure you are fulfilling your requirements for graduation. We love helping students put the pieces together as they work toward achieving a useful degree.  

Can an advisor help me with career guidance? 

We can advise you on your career options in ASA College based on your major. For more options as well as externships, we can direct you to Career Services who will provide you with assistance & training for interviews. We’ve helped so many students, so we have a lot of experience to share. 


FL Student Advisors Contact information: 

Connie Gamarra 


Mirna Alfonso 

(305) 777-3166 




Watermark Scholarship for Women in STEM

Watermark Scholarship for Women in STEM The application period is now open for the Watermark Scholars program! Watermark is offering women in STEM scholarships for the fall 2021 academic term to provide much-needed support for college students pursuing Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics (STEM)-related studies and careers. Two students will be selected from the pool of applicants, and awardees will each receive $5,000 to help continue their education.   Please visit to learn more about Watermark Scholars program!


Dr. Harris Provides an Informed Perspective on BLM

Dr. Harris Provides an Informed Perspective on BLM Yesterday, Dr. Clem Harris engaged the ASA community with a wealth of historical and statistical information that painted a more complete picture of the Black Lives Matter movement as it is situated within a context of systemic racial violence and neglect that extends back decades. Among the topics covered in some detail were the “Stop and Frisk” policies employed by police departments. A historical argument was made that these policies are consistent...


Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Sexual Assault Awareness Month The month of April is designated as Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The mission of SAAM is to bring awareness and educate individuals on how to prevent sexual assault. You can find more information on how to actively be involved in ending sexual assault on    


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