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Chairperson Leon Roberts Honored for Driving ASA’s Career-Focused Culture

Chairperson Leon Roberts Honored for Driving ASA’s Career-Focused Culture

Leon-Lee Roberts, Chairperson of Divisions of Business and Engineering Technology, has been recognized as one of “Miami’s Top Black Educators of 2021” by the media group MIA. The award announcement was published on June 23rd in Legacy, which is an education supplement printed within the Miami Herald. In addition, Legacy’s “Lunch with Legacy Leaders” weekly talk show will feature Mr. Roberts on June 24, 2021, speaking on the topic of “The benefits of career-focused Higher Education as a conduit to professional and trade career opportunities in the workforce.” MIA MEDIA GROUP LLC, is one of the nation’s largest Black publishers in the United States. Established in 2004, the company has more than one million readers bi-monthly and publishes Legacy Miami, Legacy South Florida and MIA Magazines.

Mr. Roberts’ award honors ASA College and the tremendous contributions he has made to its academic programming, leadership, and culture. In an article, “ASA College Gives Students Formula for Professional, Entrepreneurial Success,” which was published in tandem with the award announcement, Mr. Robert’s was quoted as saying, “ASA gives more to student than other schools. We give more through our personalization throughout the college. From admissions to their last day in school, we are constantly focused on what students need to succeed.”

Mr. Roberts’ student-oriented, market-aware approach is grounded in his career experience as a longtime marketing and business executive. In the aforementioned article, he is praised for providing students with a practical formula for success that many have implemented to create and grow businesses founded on their interests and passions. In his classes, students learn the importance of having a mission, marketing oneself, and serving a target market. This is an education that produces tangible benefits. In word and deed, Mr. Roberts is a chief driver of ASA’s supportive, career-oriented culture.

In a full-page ad, ASA College leadership voiced its thanks for Mr. Roberts, writing, “Your dedication to academia and your unwavering commitment to student success is an important reason why students can expect more from education.” In his own words, Mr. Roberts defines “more” as ASA College’s understanding that we have to respond to a growing need for students and underemployed workers to enhance competencies and earn money quicker than is possible via the impersonal, drawn-out traditional process of many colleges. He noted that our school’s approach included career intervention and support within the first two years of study. These services are emblematic of what we do to keep students on track, efficient, and supported as they pursue their goals.

“We are extremely proud of Mr. Roberts, who as a professor and chairperson, has done so much for ASA students,” said ASA College President Jose Valencia. To read the full article about his leadership at ASA College, pick up a copy of the June 23rd Miami Herald.




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