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It is common for college students to be frazzled when it comes time to take tests. To get through the challenges, here are 10 tips that will help you prepare for exams.

  • Keep an Upbeat Attitude. The brain is a funny thing. When you have a poor attitude, you may feel as though you will fail at everything. It is better to enter a classroom with a positive demeanor, especially on the test day. This will keep you in the right frame of mind. It is wise to approach a test like a puzzle. Although it may be difficult, it is possible to get through it. When you keep an upbeat perspective, you will be ready for the challenge.
  • Create a Schedule. Creating a plan of study will keep stress levels low. Approximately one week before an exam, it is smart to uncover what material will be included. Many teachers take information from the textbook or class notes. Also, scheduling time to study will cut the need to cram the night before a test. This will keep you feeling better prepared.
  • Eat Breakfast. On the morning of a test, never skip breakfast. Keeping your stomach full will help you concentrate. Nothing is more distracting than a growling belly. While you eat, you can take a few minutes to review your notes.
  • Understand the Directions. Before beginning the test, it is essential to review and comprehend the instructions. Also, it is wise to ask how the test will be scored. Sometimes, it is better to make educated guesses than to leave questions blank.
  • Manage Time Appropriately. As soon as you receive your paper, you should scan the pages quickly. Begin answering the easy questions first and budget enough time for harder material.
  • Remain Calm. If you hit a question that is extremely challenging, it is important to remain calm, circle the number, and move on to something else. At the end, you can return to it and try you best to give the correct answer.
  • Multiple Choice Options. With multiple-choice questions, you can use reasoning to uncover the best answer. Eliminating one or two answers that you know are incorrect limits the other possibilities. Many times, there is at least one choice that can be crossed off right from the beginning.
  • Write Neatly. When you must answer an essay question, it is wise to write as neatly as possible. If a professor cannot read your handwriting, it will definitely lower your grade. Also, when you are taking a math test, it is vital to carefully write your numbers in a legible manner. If you make a mistake, erase the entire answer as well. For tests that will be graded by a machine, you must make sure to fill in the circles completely.
  • Check Your Work. When a test seems easy, you may be done early and will be tempted to hand in your paper. However, if time permits, you should always check your work. Sometimes, you may know the right answer, but you will find that you placed it on the wrong line. Also, you may find a question that you accidentally skipped.

The above tips are smart pieces of advice for college students who want to successfully master the art of test-taking. Since they are not difficult to follow, you will be able to easily take the stress out of the exam day and will achieve a good grade.


Meet the Lab Coordinator of our Nursing Department

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We stand together Laws and regulations that single out vulnerable members of our community are divisive and unjust. We stand together. International students representing over 125 countries are enrolled at ASA College. Over 30% percent of our student body is international. With the firmest conviction we believe that international students are crucial to ASA’s stated mission of educating a diverse and qualified student population. No institution of higher learning educates truly qualified students without the diversity of thought, perspectives, and...


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