Due to the difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, ASA College is extending the add/drop period for Fall 2020 semester to end on Friday September 25, 2020.
Due to the difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, ASA College is extending the add/drop period for Fall 2020 semester to end on Friday September 25, 2020.

Our Blog

Our Blog

Get the Skills and Training Today to Protect Our Future

For most prospective students, choosing a degree path that will help them work towards a fulfilling, well-paying job is extremely important. Ideally, you’ll not only love the subject you decide to study, but will also graduate with the ability to succeed in the job market and secure a solid salary. And while an excellent education can help you reach this goal in a wide range of fields, an associate in business administration degree is one of the most promising paths…

5 Ways that Radiology Has Changed Over the Years

In 1895, a German scientist named Wilhelm Röntgen accidentally made a discovery that would change the course of medicine and science forever. As he was experimenting with electrical currents, Röntgen discovered the X-ray, a technology that many of us take for granted today. Virtually overnight, the world of medicine changed dramatically, providing both doctors and patients with an innovative new method for diagnosis and treatment: radiology. Since then, radiologic technologists have evolved to become a valuable part of nearly every…

A Day in the Life of a Medical Assistant

For students that are considering a career in healthcare, working as a medical assistant can offer a rewarding professional path with plenty of opportunity for growth. But whether you’ve already started your medical assistant training program or have just begun to consider the career, you may be wondering: what does a day in the life of a medical assistant actually look like? As an integral part of every healthcare team, a medical assistant has a wide variety of roles and…

Job Placement for Different Types of Medical Assistants

Medical Assistants Job Placement  For anyone thinking about a career in the healthcare field, the future is bright – but that’s especially true if you’re interested in becoming a medical assistant.  According to a report from the  United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field of medical assisting is projected to grow by nearly 25 percent by 2028. That means that more than 150,000 new jobs will be available, offering a wealth of opportunity for new medical assisting training program…

Healthcare Professionals will be a Hot Commodity

Over the decades, healthcare has been one of the world’s most steadily-expanding industries, driving an ongoing demand for new and experienced professionals alike. But as our world battles the COVID-19 pandemic – a fight that’s expected to last for quite some time – the healthcare workforce has experienced unprecedented growth. Not only has a serious shortage of healthcare professionals during the coronavirus pandemic caused an immediate need, but it’s also raised awareness of the ongoing necessity of a reliable workforce.…

Need for Healthcare Professionals and Assistants is Higher Than Ever

Doubtless, you’ve seen the arresting images of healthcare professionals rushing to the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic battle, suiting up in protective gear to care for patients in need. Across the globe, doctors, nurses, and other medical caregivers are in short supply, especially as hospitals everywhere find that they are drastically underprepared for the vast influx of those requiring attention. But what about the professionals that fulfill the administrative needs of the hard-hit healthcare industry? As it turns out,…

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