About ASA College

Our Story

ASA’s modest roots began in 1985 with Alex Shchegol and 12 students in a small Manhattan classroom. Our small team knew that New York had a dire shortage of qualified mainframe programmers at that time, and they resolved to help fill the need. It is from that effort that ASA College acquired its name. Known then as ‘Advanced Software Analysis,’ we focused on computer programming.

As our students flourished and we grew, we decided to expand our program offerings to include other fields that had a shortage of skilled professionals. In 1999, ASA received authorization from the New York State Board of Regents to confer degrees in accounting, computer programming, and information technology and medical assisting. Since our humble beginning, the college has grown to more than 5000 students. We now offer 20 programs of study, and we have campuses in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Miami.


Institutionally Accredited College in Miami

ASA College is institutionally accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) and licensed by the Commission for Independent Education (CIE), Florida Department of Education. Our degree and diploma programs, which support the rapidly-growing industries of healthcare, business, and criminal justice, are all registered with the Florida State Department of Education. As an institutionally accredited and licensed college, ASA College in Miami has the education and structure you need to meet the demands of growing industries seeking qualified, skilled professionals.

Hands-On Lab Simulation Experience for Rewarding Careers

Technology continues to revolutionize how every major industry operates, and ASA College has created programs and updated other areas of study to meet new market needs. Our institutional offerings and personal support are also consistent with the demands and capabilities of our stu­dent body, which includes highly motivated and mature immigrants. ASA programs have always featured a hands-on lab simulation experience component. This approach prepares and equips our students to make a seamless transition into a professional role.



ASA College in Miami offers ten sports teams:

  • Football
  • Men and Women’s Soccer
  • Men and Women’s Tennis
  • Men and Women’s Basketball
  • Men and Women’s Track & Field
  • Baseball

Our football program launched in 2015 and remains the only junior college football program in the state of Florida. In fact, we offer junior varsity for most of our athletic teams, which is rare. We believe our students should have opportunities, and we deliver them academically and in athletics.

ESL Programs

ASA College has a rich, diverse student body. Many of our students are immigrants from a wide variety of backgrounds. We are proud to offer free English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, and we also offer ESL Studies. The latter is an extensive, immersive program that equips students to communicate and flourish in business and other areas of life where English is the spoken language. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to preparing our students for a bright future.


Experience a Well-Rounded Collegiate Experience at ASA College in Miami

ASA College in Miami offers high-quality Associate Degree and Bachelor Degree programs that respond to the needs of students and employers in a global economy. ASA College has robust programs for sports management, social media management, health care, medical assistance, nursing, pharmacy technology, criminal justice, physical therapist assistants, and so much more. We support you as you navigate an exciting academic experience and also as you take the next step in preparing for a career in your field of study. You may qualify for financial assistance, so don’t let that be a deterrent to exploring possibilities with us.


The possibilities are endless! If you are looking for accredited colleges in Miami, and you are interested in pursuing academic studies with us, contact us for more information. Start the next chapter in your life at ASA College!



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Tel: 786-279-2643

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