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Job Links & Resources

On addition to the one-on-one services provided by the Career Services Department, we strongly encourage that you utilize the Internet to enhance your job search. The Internet enables you to look for opportunities on a local, state and even national level. It also gives you access to sites, resources and possibilities that you may not have considered.

Please remember that for additional information, guidance and assistance you can always rely on your Career Advisor.

Other Resources

Computer Technology

Criminal Justice


  • All Hospital Jobs: lists all hospitals in NYC and nationwide for people looking for employment.
  • Find Job Seekers: various healthcare job services such as medical assistants, medical billers and medical receptionists.
  • Center for Comprehensive Health Practice: a not-for-profit entity, licensed by the New York State Department of Health as a treatment center. Please check their Career link.
  • Aftercollege: lists various companies that Health Discipline students can apply to.
  • Accountemps: works with Fortune 500 companies and hospitals. The company has great demand for medical billers.
  • Affinity Health Plan: an independent, not-for-profit managed care company dedicated to serving the needs of Medicaid for low-and moderate income populations.
  • Institute for Community Living: a prominent non-profit committed to helping mentally disabled people to improve their lives and empowering them.